EVENTS FOR 2008-2009


Monday, May 18th
Jason Huber--Instructor in the Appellate Advocacy and Police Accountability Clinics--presents "Thinking Outside the Box: Public Interest Beyond Litigation." Cosponsored by the National Lawyers Guild.

Monday, May 4th
Ben Wizner--ACLU National Security Project Staff Attorney--discusses "Above the Law?: 'Legalized' Torture and the Question of Accountability."

Thursday, April 16th
Sabin Willett--Defense Counsel for several Uigur Prisoners at Guantanamo--presents "Year Eight at Guantanamo: How Great is the Great Writ?" Cosponsored by the American Constitution Society and the International Human Rights Law Society.

Monday, February 23rd
Vic Walczak--Legal Director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania and Co-lead Counsel in Lozano v. City of Hazleton--presents "Stay Out: Hazleton at Trial and on Appeal." Introduction by Professor Adam Cox.

Wednesday, February 11th
Professor Adam Cox discusses his experiences working as a Karpatkin Civil Rights Fellow for the ACLU as well as his current work in voting rights, election law, and immigration law. Cosponsored by the Public Interest Law Society.

Tuesday, January 13th
John Conroy--journalist and author--discusses "Torture Corrupts: A History of the Jon Burge Police Scandal."

Tuesday, November 18th
Preview of faculty presentations at the "Speech, Privacy, and the Internet: The University and Beyond" Conference. Cosponsored by the Intellectual Property Law Society.

Thursday, November 13th
Franita Tolson--Visiting Professor at Northwestern School of Law--addresses "The Dawning of the Age of Obama: Reassessing Campaign Finance, Politics, and Race in the Wake of the 2008 Election." Cosponsored by the Black Law Students Association.

Friday, November 7th
Harold Bruff--professor at The University of Colorado at Boulder Law School, and former Senior Attorney in the Office of Legal Counsel--discusses his book "Bad Advice: The President's Lawyers in the War of Terrorism."